Horizon 7 VSAN Policy Update

When you first deploy a Horizon desktop pool onto Horizon it will create a number of policies that it will apply to the desktops.

In Horizon 6 the policy applied to Floating Clones (Linked or Full) had a Failure to Tolerate of 0.  The rationale is that Floating Clones are volatile and it doesn’t matter if they are lost, which is fairly reasonable. The impact though was if a host failed, it would loose all VMs running on that host AND all VMs with their storage on that host which could cause a significant outage.   Since the size of the delta disks is relatively small and not a constraining factor I usually recommended increasing the FTT to 1.

Now in Horizon 7 this has become the default policy! If you upgrade a Horizon 6 environment to Horizon 7 it will not update the existing policy, but you can change the FTT to 1 even if running Horzion 6 and it will never override that. But if you are deploying a greenfield Horizon 7 environment it will deploy linked clones with an FTT of 1.  But of course you can change this to 0 if you want to reduce storage consumption at the risk of losing desktops in host failures.

Below is an overview of the default policies in Horizon 7.

Object FTT Method FTT Stripes Space Reservation Flash Read Cache Reservation
Floating Linked/Instant Clone RAID 1 1 1 0% 0%
Dedicated Linked Clone RAID 1 1 1 0% 0%
Floating Full Clone RAID 1 1 1 100% 0%
Dedicated Full Clone RAID 1 1 1 100% 0%
Replicas/ Instant Clone Parents RAID 1 1 1 0% 10%
Persistent Disk RAID 1 1 1 100% 0%

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